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A Filtering, Multisorting datagrid based on the vanilla one in WPF

This is a mirror of my github project. It's slightly more up to date over there.


  • Filtering
    • Filter rows by any or all columns
    • Filtering happens while you type
    • Support for operators like ~ ! = < >
  • Multisort
    • Sort by any set of columns
    • Sort in any order
    • Original collection is not modified.
  • Themes
    • You can make your own themes.
  • Context Menus
    • Attach extra items by simply setting a property
  • Decorators
    • Hide Columns
    • Rename Colums
    • Use standard ComponentModel attributes on your presentation objects.


I created this grid because there are a lot of grid that only have some of the functionality this one does, doesn't work well, or cost a lot of money. I put it on codeplex so that it might be useful to someone else.

If you like this grid, please buy me a beer.

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